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Welcome to the Maryland Insurance Administration’s Enterprise Complaint Tracking System.

The primary role of the Maryland Insurance Administration is to protect consumers from illegal insurance practices and to ensure that insurance companies and producers act in accordance with State insurance laws and regulations. We are here to assist you with your complaint.

If you do not have a complaint against a specific licensee but are looking for general information about insurance, please go to: http://insurance.maryland.gov.

Filing a complaint:

We encourage you to use our online system to report your complaint. After you complete filing your complaint on-line, you will receive an email message confirming receipt of your complaint and the assigned complaint file number. Please provide a valid e-mail address for return correspondence and contact. After entering information about your complaint, you will have the opportunity to attach copies of any material/documents pertinent to and in support of your complaint.

For example: repair estimates, police report, premium receipts, medical bills, contracts, correspondence you have written or received or any other documentation relevant to your complaint. These materials must be in an electronic format (scanned) in order to be attached.


Scan any relevant documents/attachments prior to starting the complaint data entry process. You can upload and attach documents to your complaint file. If you cannot attach documents to your complaint electronically, you may mail them to the following address:

Maryland Insurance Administration
Attn: Consumer Complaint Investigation (Please specify Property & Casualty or Life/Health)
200 St. Paul Place, Suite 2700
Baltimore, MD 21202.

To fax documents, please use: (410)-468-2334 (Property and Casualty) or (410-468-2270) (Life and Health). You will be given a complaint file number at the end of this submission. Please always reference this complaint file number on all correspondence you send to the Maryland Insurance Administration.

Our goal is to provide efficient, effective service to both the consumers of insurance products and the insurance industry.

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